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Cristo's Abundance Inventory prompts are specifically designed to reveal and heal the unconscious thoughts that comprise your money mindset.

These prompts, collectively, are designed to access that portion of the unconscious that contains data related to money. As each question is contemplated and answered from the depths of the unconscious, the thoughts that comprise your money mindset are revealed to the conscious mind where integration takes place.


These prompts are best used in a contemplative state—a state that facilitates the flow of information from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Sit silently with each question held in the conscious mind for 10–20 minutes before journaling. Repeat this process for each prompt to reveal and heal your money mindset.

To view overview and demonstration webinar video replays, click here.

1.   What is the purpose of money?

2.   Can I conceive of money as a form of empowerment?


3.   What is my current relationship with money?

a.   What is my current relationship with personal empowerment?

b.   If I had more money, would I feel more empowered?

4.   How much do I worry about money?

a.   How does my worry about money impact my quality of life?

5.   How do I feel about having to earn money?

6.   How can I use money to create happiness?

7.   If I inherited a substantial amount of money, what is the first thing that I would buy with it? 

a.   What is the second thing that I would buy?

b.   What do these two imaginary purchases reveal about my personality and what is important to me?

8.   What is more important to me than money?

9.   What do I spend the bulk of my discretionary income on? 

a.   What is the reason?

b.   Are there other ways of obtaining the same goal/result without spending money?

10. How or where am I mishandling money?

11. Do I avoid dealing with money?

12. As a male/female, what are my current gender-based thoughts/feelings pertaining to money?

13. Do I experience guilt spending money on myself?

14. As a child, based upon my sex, how was I conditioned to relate to money?

15. What or who is my current biggest financial drain?

a.    Why have I allowed it?

16. In childhood, what was my family’s experience with money?

a.    What is my current experience with money?

17. In my family system, who controlled the money?

a.   Does that pattern still impact me today?

18. Do I have money integrity?

a.    If I am out of integrity with money, where or with whom am I not in integrity?

19. Do I believe that I am capable of earning enough money to support myself?

20. Do I believe I need another person to support me financially?

21. What do I believe I have to sacrifice to have more money?

22. Do I feel compelled to support others financially?

23. Am I allowing money to control me?

24. Am I working to support myself financially, or others?

25. Do I feel people owe me or should give me money?

a.    Who do I expect to give me money?

b.    What are the consequences of that relationship?

26. Do others expect me to give them money or to provide for them?


27. In childhood, was I groomed to believe that I would make a significant amount of money as an adult.

28. What am I no longer willing to sacrifice for money?

29. What is the dominant way I view money?

30. What are my recurrent thoughts around money?


31. What emotion do I experience most frequently around money?

32. What is my greatest fear around money?

33. What is my earliest negative experience around money?

34. What is my inner dialogue around money?

35. What are my feelings toward money?

36. What was my childhood fantasy around money?

a.    What is my adult fantasy around money?

37. What do I think of people who possess money?

38. If I had more money, what would I do with it?

39. What goal or emotion currently underpins my drive to have more money?

40. What is my money vision for myself?

41. How would my life be different if I had more money?

42. What are my current money conduits (channels through which money comes to me)?

a.    List all in the past.

b.    List all in the present.

c.    List all of your feelings or gut reactions toward each.



1.   What are my first memories of money?

2.   What are my earliest childhood experiences with money?

3.   What are my earliest memories of others interacting over money?

4.   What early childhood assumptions did I make about money?

5.   If I were to die today, as people sifted through my personal effects, what would my Money Legacy* be?

       *Money Legacy may be conceived of as various types of records (bank accounts, objects purchased, etc.) of how you used your money.


6.   What experiences did I miss out on as a child due to a lack of money?

7.   What experiences did I endure as a child as a result of a lack of money?

8.   What experiences am I currently enduring as an adult due to a lack of money?

9.   What experiences am I currently missing out on as an adult due to a lack of money?

10. What is my money mindset at this time?

11. What are the money mindsets of the people closest to me?

a.    What are other possible money mindsets?

12. What is one thing that I am aware of that I have not resolved that is negatively impacting me financially?

13. What is one step that I know that I need to take that I have not yet taken to earn more money?

14. What is the greatest obstacle to my financial success at this time?

15. Whose experiences and beliefs toward money most impacted my experiences and beliefs toward money?

16. If I am not financially responsible for myself, who is burdened with financial responsibility for me?

17. Who have I burdened financially because of my lack of interest or my unwillingness to earn money?

18. If I don't have the drive to earn money, do I rely on someone else’s drive to earn money?

19. Can I function in a money-based society without money?

20. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the greatest, with what level of drive or vigor am I now pursuing financial wealth?

a.    What do I spend the bulk of my energy pursuing?


21. What do I say to others about money?

22. How do I feel about the standard of living that my current income affords me?

23. How much money do I need to feel safe?

24. What do I desire most with my relationship with money?

25. What are some of my personal myths surrounding the pursuit of money?

26. How have I misunderstood money in the past?

27. How have I misused money in the past?

28. How have I used money correctly in the past?

29. Why has money become important to me?

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