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Throughout this lecture series, Cristo reveals advanced material pertaining to the human energy field. Cristo presents material drawn from his extensive clairvoyant research into the human energy field. When applicable, Cristo provides real-life examples of lecture-related content by clairvoyantly examining volunteer participants.

The Human Energy Field Revealed: Overview with Q&A 
Cristo L. Bowers, considered by many to be one of the most gifted clairvoyants of our time, discusses the 15-year development of his intuitive and clairvoyant faculties.  In addition to describing the transition from the unconscious to conscious use of those intuitive faculties, he discusses how he uses claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience as instruments of healing and of scientific research.  Cristo’s research has revealed a new, comprehensive understanding of the energetic underpinnings of creation as well as the human energy field.  

Week 1: The Cosmic Egg—Symbol of the Solar Logos  

Cristo draws on texts both ancient and modern to help attendees comprehend the Cosmic Egg as a Symbol of the Solar Logos.  He also provides detailed illustrations of the Solar Process—the process by which the Solar Logos appears and incarnates into the planes of matter and undergoes evolution.

Week 2: The Chakras         

Cristo discusses the development and functioning of the chakras based upon his direct observations of the human energy field.  Cristo incorporates real-life examples of chakra development and functioning, as well as common chakra distortions, by taking examples from volunteer participants. 

Week 3: Vṛttis or The Formation of Thoughts    

Cristo reveals the real meaning behind Patañjali’s statement, “Yogaṣ citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ,” or “Yoga," the stilling of the modifications of the mind.” Cristo illustrates the process through which thoughts and their superphysical counterparts, vṛttis, arise and inhere in the mental body. Cristo presents real-life examples of thoughts in the mental body through clairvoyant observations of volunteer participants.

Week 4: Scars in the Auric Field    

Cristo illustrates the process through which scars form in the auric field. Cristo discusses and illustrates his concepts of simple and complex scarring and provides real-life examples of simple and complex scarring taken from volunteer participants.

Week 5: Tabula Rasa and The Ideational Body      

Cristo examines Tabula Rasa, the theory that individuals are born without mental content. Cristo discusses his clairvoyant observations of the Ideational Body of past clients to provide real-life examples of inborn ideas—ideas that exist in the auric field prior to physical birth. He also incorporates real-life examples of inborn ideational content by clairvoyantly examining volunteer participants.

Week 6: Archetypes and the Archetypal Chakras     

Cristo discusses archetypes, the archetypal chakras, and the role that archetypes play in the evolution of consciousness. Some of the concepts that Cristo covers during this lecture are archetypal activation, archetypal convergence and divergence, archetypal shaming, and archetypal satisfaction. He also provides examples of the individual nature of archetypes taken from volunteer participants.

Week 7: The Primary Chakra and the Rays   

Cristo talks about the chakra located beneath the feet—the Primary Chakra—and the Seven Rays. Cristo begins this lecture by elaborating his first clairvoyant observations of the Primary Chakra and its many colors.  Cristo describes the colors and their relevance in terms of the rays present in and organizing the personality, as well as the rays of the ego.

Week 8: Open Forum     

This open forum was designed by Cristo to allow participants the opportunity to ask questions related to the previous seven sessions to generate greater clarity and understanding of the lecture content. 

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