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Introspective Meditation: Reconnecting with Your Spiritual Goals Audio Course description

The Menorah: Symbol of the Human Energy Field (ebook and preview of illustrations) description
An Interview with Cristo L. Bowers description

Light Talk with Dr. Kurt Bruder Kailash (video)
Light Talk with Psychic Medium Jody Higgins (video)

Edgar Cayce Meditation Group Talk Nov 2019 (audio)
Fairy Dust and Such Lecture November 2019 (audio)
Nancie Leon Energy Meditation Group Lecture November 2019 (audio)
Law of Attraction: Personal Attractor Patterns Workshop (audio)
2012 & Beyond: Transforming Society (audio)
Vipassana Meditation Practice and Mind Reading (video & audio)
The Energetic Consequences of COVID-19 In America (video)
Symbols of the Human Energy Field: Buddha Holding a Pagoda (video)
Symbols of the Human Energy Field: Buddha and the Swastika (video)
The Energetic Symbology of the Coat of Arms of Joan of Arc (video)
The Mechanics of the Antaḥkaraṇa vs. the Mechanics of the Crown Chakra (video)
Symbols of the Human Energy Field: The Chalice and Host (video)
The Djed, Was, Ankh, Basket (video)
The Primary Chakra (video)
John Welwood, Spiritual Bypassing, and Unfinished Developmental Tasks (video)
An Overview of Meditation Including Q&A (video)
Symbols of the Human Energy Field: The Ornaments of Lord Vishnu (video)
Arms, Legs, and the Evolution of Consciousness (video)
The Utilization of a Center (video)
The Masters and the Path: The Living Image (video)
A Treatise on White Magic (video)
Untrained & Trained Clairvoyance (video)
The Masters and the Path: Effect of Cruelty to Children (video)
The John of God Aliens (video)
Vittris: Modifications of the Mental Body (video)
Hodson & Leadbeater's Observations of Scars in the Auric Field (video)
Scars in the Auric Field Workshop (video)
Effect of Prayer/Mantras on the Human Energy Field (video short)
Meditation for Intuitive Development (video short)

Minneapolis Theosophical Society Super-Sensory Powers Lecture Jan. 2020 (audio)
Theosophical Society in Detroit Human Energy Field Revealed: Overview w/Q&A Feb. 2020 (audio)
West Houston Theosophical Study Center Super-Sensory Powers Lecture Sep. 18, 2020 (video)
Houston Lodge Theosophical Society The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Logos Lecture Sep. 19, 2020 (video)
Houston Lodge Theosophical Society The Development of the Chakras Lecture Sep. 19, 2020 (video)
The Esoteric Significance of the Gayatri Mantra Sep. 28, 2020 (video)

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT (requires exclusive content subscription)
Introspective Meditation: Love, Self-Love, Love of Other (audio program) description
Cristo's Abundance Inventory Meditation & Journal Prompts description

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