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The Introspective Meditation course, Love, Self-Love, Love of Other consists of 35 introspective meditation questions expertly crafted to help you uncover and heal unconscious conditioning related to love, self-love, and love of others. The aim of this introspective meditation course is to reveal the unconscious conditioning related to each individual question through meditation. As the information flows out of the unconscious into the conscious mind, long-held, limiting patterns pertaining to love will be revealed and spontaneously healed. 


How to Use this Program


Please note, this program is not intended to be played straight through, but, rather, each question must be deeply contemplated in a meditative state to derive the maximum benefit. Therefore, 30 seconds of silence has been added to the beginning of each introspective meditation question to provide time for you to slip into a meditative state prior to receiving the question. Additionally, 20 seconds of silence is added after the question to provide time to contemplate the question without interruption. Since the insights emerge into consciousness very quickly, it may be helpful to have a journal present in which to record your insights for further reflection and contemplation.


Although each of the introspective meditation questions in this program is intended to serve as the subject matter of a single meditation session of 10-20 minutes in duration, each question can also serve as the subject matter of a series of meditations lasting a week, month, or longer. I encourage you to experiment with the duration and frequency of the introspective meditation questions in meditation to provide a space for additional content or insights to arise in the conscious mind through repeated exploration of the same question.

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